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Currently we have our Scottish spelt packaged in 1KG bags and 25KG bags, our 1KG bags are available for online purchase, please contact us for details of our 25KG bags.

Westfield Farms Spelt Flour is delicious in any recipe!.

Making Spelt Bread by Hand

Spelt flour has a higher protein content and a more delicate gluten structure than conventional wheat. This means that you shouldn’t have to knead Spelt dough for as long as conventional wheat dough. Remember as well that Spelt flour soaks up liquid more than factory made wheat so don’t be afraid to add a spot more water or milk to keep the dough supple and to avoid it drying out.

Spelt Bread with Yeast

Spelt bread with yeast tends to prove quicker than wheat bread so it’s best to reduce the proving time for both single and double rise recipes before baking as normal.

Spelt Bread in a Bread Maker Machine

Because the proving time for Spelt flour is shorter than for wheat flour, a bread maker machine will tend to over prove a Spelt recipe so if using a machine it would be best to use the dough programme, removing the dough before the end of the cycle and then baking the loaf in a conventional oven.

Spelt Sourdough

Sourdough bread is delicious made with Spelt flour which works very quickly with a sourdough culture.

Spelt Baking Tips

Because the gluten in Spelt flour is more delicate than that in wheat flour it is better to bake it in a tin to support the loaf.

Spelt dough is a bit less dense than wheat dough so why not add some honey to the mix to give a lighter, pliable texture and add to the wonderful nutty flavour.

To loosen the bread, why not add some Ola Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, it will work better than fat or butter and is loaded with Omega 3, 6 and 9.

For further details please visit www.olaoils.co.uk

Why not have a look at our recipe pages to see how you can benefit from our high protein, nutrient packed Spelt flour.

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The Benefits of Spelt Flour

Spelt is high in protein with Spelt bread containing nearly 50% more protein than wheat based bread, Spelt is a good source of Vitamin E which can help the body mop up damaging free radicals.


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You can now purchase our Spelt flour direct via our online ordering page. We supply in 4 x 1KG shipments,  deliveries to the U.K. Mainland are charged at £4.80

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If you have any questions relating to our products please feel free to get in touch. We can be contacted by telephone and email and are available to help as required

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